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Influenza Clinical And Laboratory

Influenza 2012 Antiviral

Pediatric Infectious Disease Interhospital Conference

Universal Influenza vaccination in Thai children and adolescents: To implement or not

WHO Dengue Case Definition 2009 and Level of Severity

CPG Acute meningoencephalitis

Empirical Carbapenems in Severe Pediatrics Infectious Diseases

Empirical carbapenem in severe PID: Should not be used

Third edition of the WHO dengue guidelines: translating research into policy and pract...

Interhospital Conference Chulalongkorn Hospital

PIDST: Interhospital Conference December 22, 2011

Interhospital conference

Efficacy of a Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccination Program on Carriage and Immunity among...

The Pharmacokinetics of Low-dose LPV/r Pediatric Tablet in HIV-infected Thai Children

A Nosocomial Outbreak of G12P[6] Rotavirus Gastroenteritis in Neonates at a University...

The Clinical Features, Risk of Prolonged Hospitalization And Household Infections of Ch...

Pediatric Infectious Diseases Interhospital Conference

2010-2011 Guideline for PIDST

Unusual manifestations of Influenza PIDST 2011

Unusaul presentation of common pathogens

Fever, Rash and shock

ไข้ ผื่น ช็อค

Antibiotic in OPD setting

Fever Rash Shock

Interesting case สองพี่น้องมาด้วยเรื่องหายใจล้มเหลว

Interhospital conference พค 54

Interhospital conference สค 54

Interhospital conference พค 54

Anti-Tuberculous Drugs

Interesting case

HIV & Adolescent

Viral diagnostic test for respiratory tract infection

Interhospital conference สค 54